Loft, minimalism, simplicity and functionality

A loft located in Valencia whose dwellers are a young working couple from Galicia.  This project is comprised of two open floors that are connected by a central two-story area, and its open-plan spaciousness is only interrupted by the various pieces of furniture placed strategically throughout the living spaces.   The ground floor includes the kitchen, dining area, and living room in this order, starting at the entrance and reaching the glass-enclosed terrace of double height.  On the upper floor, there is an interior bedroom and an office in the upper loft whose glass floor attaches it to the front wall.  

The natural illumination streams in from the double height glass façade and travels across the loft until it reaches the innermost areas.  The white surface finish of the vertical panels and ceilings magnifies the luminosity, while the wood paneled floor of Galician chestnut gives warmth and quality to the house.  The metallic linear elements in black delineate all vertical and horizontal movement throughout the loft, highlighting the stairway that, upon first sight, appears to be a lightweight and dynamic sculpture in black steel.


Arquitectos | Architects

Ubicación | Location
46014 Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Arquitecto a Cargo | Principal Architect
Rubén Muedra

Fotografías | Photographer
Adrián Mora Maroto

Colaboradores | Collaborators
Emilio Belda

Arquitecto Técnico | Building Engineer
Rubén Clavijo

Diseño Interior | Interior Design
Rubén Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura

Construcción | Construction
Nideker Houses

Superficie Construida | Built Area
80,00 m2

Año de Proyecto | Project year

Año de Construcción | Construction year
2016 (4 meses)

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