The Raquel Boti Pilates Studio


The Raquel Boti Pilates Training Studio is located on a characteristic block of the city center of Valencia, next to the Rio Turia riverbed.  

The objective was to maximize the available space, so the first step was to completely demolish the original rectangular-shaped commercial space with variable heights. Once vacant, the space was filled with an acoustic white wraparound structure with one opening for the street entrance and another for the skylight to illuminate the back end of the area.

This open space acts as a container and accommodates a series of structures with variable forms and heights, framed by wooden slats of vaporized oak.  Each structure provides a specific function according to the plan, and this plan includes the interior defined spaces as well as the interstitial areas that pop up throughout the main structure.

In the style of A place within another place, the closed pieces create the areas for private use such as dressing rooms or offices, while the open spaces provide activity rooms.  Continuous flooring and indirect illumination enhance this sensation of concentric realities.  


Arquitectos | Architects

Ubicación | Location
46004, Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Arquitecto a Cargo | Principal Architect
Rubén Muedra

Fotografías | Photographer
Adrián Mora Maroto

Colaboradores | Collaborators
Ángela Gómez, Yaiza Rubio, Manuel Rodríguez

Diseño Interior | Interior Design
Rubén Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura

Construcción | Construction
Nideker Houses

Superficie Construida | Built Area
270,00 m2

Año de Proyecto | Project Year

Año de Construcción | Construction Year
2017 (6 meses)

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