Innovative and technological architecture

The Consorfrut Office Building is located in the Technology Park of Valencia, in the municipality of Paterna. It is located on the main avenue of the Park, in an environment in which bright buildings with innovative design merge with others of less interesting architecture.

Starting from an environment that invites to bet on Technology and Innovation, and with a marked interest, both by the property and the Architectural Studio itself, for Sustainability and Comfort, the Project is raised with the criteria of a Nearly Zero Consumption Building. In addition, the Principles of the WELL Standard are applied, which in addition to taking into account the criteria of Sustainability, emphasizes all the parameters that affect the welfare of the users of the building, in this case the team of workers of Consorfrut.

In this case, function and form go hand in hand from the conception of the project. Organized on four levels, which are materialized as a succession of horizontal trays of different thicknesses, and whose irregular perimeter responds to functional needs, either by spatial needs on each floor, by the need for shade, or by the need to generate terraces or outdoor porches.

Each of these horizontal trays is built using precast white concrete panels arranged horizontally, each of them being cut by the horizontal strips of continuous glazing, which in turn are invaded by slender vertical slats that provide continuity to the slot from the slotted panels with which they share a strip on the elevation.

Thus, the program of needs starts from the semi-basement floor intended for parking, illuminated and ventilated through a large zenithal courtyard that crosses the plot on its southern edge. The first floor comprises the open office space, where technical and commercial staff share the entire floor, with the exception of the lobby and the meeting room. The second floor is a multipurpose space for work and leisure, as a large open space open to the three orientations, and only delimited by the vertical communication block on the north side. The second floor houses the Board Room and the Management Spaces.

In the interior, the stone ceramic floor with the appearance of a continuous floor, coexists with white perimeter wall and ceiling coverings, which are broken up by the occasional blocks of filing cabinets, materialized in walnut veneer, and interrupted by the mirrored vertical communication block that cuts each floor horizontally like a block of black stone, while its mirrors duplicate the office space to the north side.


Arquitectos | Architect

Ubicación | Location
46980 Paterna, Valencia, Spain

Arquitecto a Cargo | Principal Architect
Rubén Muedra

Infografías | Render
Javier Hinojosa

Colaboradores | Collaborators
Inés Fabra, Costanza Canuto.

Estructura | Structure
Emilio Belda

Arquitecto Técnico | Building Engineer
Javier Muedra Ortiz

Diseño Interior | Interior Design
Rubén Muedra Arquitectura

Construcción | Construction

Superficie Construida | Built Area
504 m2

Superficie Parcela | Plot Surface
1294 m2

Año de Proyecto | Project year

Año de Construcción | Construction year

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