PUBLIC TENDERS 2021 | Rehabilitation of the mill in Pedralba


Last Monday 14th June the Pedralba Town Council signed the contract for the design and construction management of the historic wheat mill of Pedralba which will house a museum, the municipal archive, the library and the adult education centre.

The project and project management were put out to tender through the National Public Sector Contracting Platform on 7 April 2021 for an initial amount of €100,000 plus VAT and at the third contracting table held on 28 May last, of the 3 companies that submitted bids, the company Rubén Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura was finally awarded the contract with a score of 95.78 points out of 100 and with a financial offer of €64,000 + IVA.

The project is currently in the drafting phase and will have to be approved by Heritage as it is an Asset of Local Relevance and also with the acceptance of the Provincial Council of Valencia as the work will be financed in part with the Investment Plan 2020-2021.

“The mill has to tend to zero consumption, that has been one of the keys in the tender, seeking above all the balance between progress, welfare and environment. It will be a unique building, a regional emblem and the finishing touch for all the tourists who come to enjoy our beautiful town, making their visit an unforgettable and satisfactory experience”, says the mayoress of Pedralba.

More information on the Pedralba Website.