Last October 3rd 2022, in the Italian city of Brescia, RUBÉN MUEDRA ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECURA was awarded in the 22nd edition of the “International Competition of Author” organized by the prestigious brand METRA. “Casa Oriol” was the winner in the category “New Constructions in the Residential Sector”.

Our Director Rubén Muedra and our Operations Director Ángela Gómez travelled to Italy to receive the award and participate in all the events that made up the Forum.

The award ceremony of the 2022 edition took place within the framework of Futura Expo – the three-day exhibition was organised at the Brixia Forum, which focuses on economy, business and sustainability with the aim of building a new sustainable economic model and a better, sustainable and environmentally friendly Brescia – in which METRA also participated.

It is in this context that METRA has decided to hold the award ceremonies of the “International Author Competition”. In addition to awarding prizes to the most important works of particular aesthetic value, the winners of the best projects that comply with current regulations in terms of energy saving, acoustic insulation, comfort and attention to recycling were also announced.

Seventy-two projects were submitted to the competition, of which nineteen winners from Italy and eight other countries passed the first selection. Croatia, India, England, Iceland, Panama, Spain and Switzerland – all of which entered the competition and were examined by the jury.

There were three award categories: restorations, conservative renovations, extensions; new constructions in the residential sector; new constructions in the tertiary sector and public buildings. The guidelines analysed by the jury were: compositional quality of the architectural design, integration with the context and innovation and articulation of the technical solutions.

Among the winning projects, executed with METRA Building products, are the new glass curtain wall of the Amazon headquarters in Milan, the Customer Center of the Porsche Experience Center Franciacorta, villas and public buildings such as The Broadway in London, and finally the artistic installation “Incancellabile Vittoria”, conceived by the artist Emilio Isgrò, and present on the north wall of the FS Metro station in Brescia.

The jury of the competition is made up of professionals from the sector, but also from the world of business, marketing and national information. The judging criteria were evaluated by METRA’s Managing Director, Enrico Zampedri, METRA Building Group Sales and Marketing Director, Ettore Bonetti, METRA Building Group R&D Technical Director, Giovanni Bertucci, and METRA Engineering and Certification Director, Andrea Mafezzoni. The university world is represented by professors from the Politecnico di Milano Elisabetta Ginelli, professor of Architectural Technology, Emilio Pizzi, professor of Technical Architecture and designer, accompanied by Building & Design architect Nadia Andreis. The jury is completed by professionals from the fields of marketing, communication and information: Anna Masera, deputy editor of the Giornale di Brescia, Ennio Braicovich, editor of the specialised portal “Guida Finestra”, and Erica Danesi, managing director of Gruppo WISE, an integrated marketing and communication company.

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