PEDRALBA MARCHA | Rubén Muedra inaugurates the presentations

Rubén Muedra inaugurated a series of exhibitions to be held in Pedralba, the initiative is called Pedralba Marcha. The exhibition was an inspirational event that fused self-improvement with architecture. Rubén Muedra, an architect, used his works to illustrate how architecture can symbolize growth and resilience.

In his presentation, he highlighted the challenges young people face when choosing their future career, emphasizing the importance of following their passions and innate abilities. The architectural structures on display reflected inner struggle and perseverance, inspiring attendees to overcome obstacles. Ruben Muedra advised the young people to learn from failures and remain open to new opportunities, stressing that true success lies in perseverance and self-knowledge.

The exhibition was a success, filling Pedralba’s Casa de la Cultura. More than a hundred attendees who subsequently had the opportunity to ask a series of very interesting questions that complemented the magnificent presentation.