METAVERSO, ARCHITECTURE AND PEOPLE | Organized by CTAV and the Humanism and Business Forum

METAVERSO, ARCHITECTURE AND PEOPLE | Organized by CTAV and the Humanism and Business Forum

Rubén Muedra’s presentation at the conference: METAVERSE, ARCHITECTURE AND PEOPLE, organized by the CTAV and the Foro Empresa Humanismo y Tecnología de la Comunidad Valenciana, was an innovative event that explored the intersection between technology, design and humanity. Muedra, a renowned architect, presented his vision of how the metaverse can influence architecture and the well-being of people. His presentation included a series of virtual projects showing how digital spaces can be designed to improve the quality of life and encourage social interaction.

During his presentation, Ruben Muedra highlighted the importance of considering the human factor in architectural design within the metaverse. He explained that, although digital tools allow for limitless creativity, it is crucial to keep the focus on human needs and experiences. His projects reflected this philosophy, combining avant-garde aesthetics with functionality and comfort.

The architect also addressed the challenges and opportunities that the metaverse presents for design professionals. He emphasized that young architects must adapt to these new technologies, seeing in them not only a challenge, but an opportunity to innovate and redefine the built space. Muedra urged attendees to remain curious and open to experimentation, noting that the future of architecture will be marked by the integration of the digital and the physical.

The audience was impressed by Rubén Muedra’s vision and the way his projects illustrated a future where technology and humanism coexist harmoniously. The day concluded with a lively discussion on the role of architecture in the metaverse and how it can be an engine for social and personal development.