Rubén Muedra presented his lecture entitled “Architecture 4.1” on April 11, in which he explored the concepts of immersive architecture and metaverse. The event was sponsored by Cupra J.R Valle and organized by the association Sabor Empresarial.

The conference took place last Tuesday in a dynamic environment, Rubén Muedra addressed how architecture is evolving towards more interactive and digital environments, highlighting the crucial role of the metaverse in this change.

During his presentation, Muedra explained the benefits and challenges of immersive architecture. He talked about the integration of advanced technologies that allow architects and users to experience spaces in a more immersive and realistic way. In addition, he highlighted how the metaverse is creating new opportunities for innovation in architectural design.

The sponsorship of Cupra J.R Valle was instrumental in bringing this conference to fruition. The company, known for its commitment to innovation and design, found in this event a perfect platform to support the advancement of modern architecture.

Sabor Empresarial was in charge of organizing the event, ensuring an enriching experience for all attendees. Their dedication to promoting encounters that foster knowledge and innovation was evident in every detail of the conference.