Responsible, creative, free and honest architecture

Responsible, creative, free and honest architecture

RUBÉN MUEDRA ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECTURA is an Architecture Studio located in Valencia and Madrid, directed by Rubén Muedra. With a track record of 15 years in the professional practice of architecture. The team is formed by architects in Costa Blanca and Valencia. Since the formation of the study, the work has always been oriented to the pursuit of excellence in each project making a quality architecture. Each project that enters the studio is a new challenge and in all of them, we try to achieve the complete satisfaction of the client.



RUBÉN MUEDRA ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECTURA is an Architecture Studio located in Valencia and Madrid. Being Architects in Costa Blanca and Alicante is a challenge because of the prestige that Architecture has in both environments.

RUBÉN MUEDRA ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECTURA is directed by Rubén Muedra, considered one of the best Architects in Costa Blanca, Valencia and Ibiza.  He has a track record of 13 years in the professional practice of architecture. Since the formation of the studio. The work has always been oriented to the pursuit of excellence in each project by making a quality architecture. Each project that enters the studio is a new challenge. In all of them, we try to achieve the complete satisfaction of the client as Architects Costa Blanca and Alicante.

Architecture is never an abstract idea, but a very concrete reality that materializes in a particular environment and covers specific needs of the client. However, the project, which must cover all the needs of use, space and cost of the client, can go further. A project and an architecture built for one client and for one place, and not for another. The result: a unique architecture.

Start of the Architectural Studio

If the first stone of its trajectory was laid on ingenuity, talent, passion and hard work are the solid foundations that have allowed its continuous growth, always with the premise engraved on fire of offering clients a ‘responsible, creative, free and honest’ architecture.

The studio’s philosophy is to generate spaces that are above the client’s expectations. The quality of a project is not necessarily related to how much it costs, but to how the project is designed. The parameters for a good design are more a mental attitude of trying to achieve the best. 

The success of a project lies in working together with the client and with a team of professionals who share the same pleasure in their work. For this, the studio has architects from Costa Blanca and Alicante. A team made up of specialists in architecture, urban planning, structural calculations, installations, interior design, industrial design, etc. that gives rise to an atmosphere of shared creativity and exciting motivation. And finally, the key to the work system: precision.

Responsible, creative and honest architecture

Responsible with the environment and with the economy of means. Creative and concerned about the continuous exit of the comfort zone. Free of ties, trends and prejudices that prevent making each project unique and personal. Honest and respectful with the elements that compose it, in search of constructive sincerity.

There are architects who build with light. There are also those who articulate their theoretical discourse around materiality. Even in a society that is increasingly aware of being fully immersed in the digital era, magazine architecture is becoming more and more frequent. Within this latter approach, aesthetics (the Vitruvian venustas) clearly predominates, in some cases bringing with it collateral damage to functionality (utilitas).

Rubén Muedra is not an architect of trends. He is an architect of essences. The essence, understood as that which constitutes the very nature of things, the unfading of them.

His architectures, of refined aesthetics, are presented to us in many cases full of what at first sight seem to be formal whims or random aspects. However, when one performs a kind of architectural autopsy and is able to dismember its parts. We see how these pseudo-random whims are discovered in all cases as an amalgam of complex responses given to the conditioning factors, where nothing is the result of chance.

He thus possesses the uncommon ability to convert something tremendously complex into a visually simple element. Where the avalanche of nuances seems to tell us that the final result conceives no other possible form than the one obtained.

Architects in Costa Blanca and Alicante follow your work as a reference

Architects in Costa Blanca and Alicante like José Manuel Barrera appreciate his work, also Architects in Madrid, Jávea, Denia, Calpe, Altea and Moraira with whom he collaborates know very well the work he develops in his Architecture Studio.

This is the case with the Brise Soleil House. Where the formalism of the facade -a priori randomly faceted- is revealed as the necessary response to regulate the entry of natural light in each of the holes of the house.

As in the case of the Concrete House.  Brutalist appearance thanks to its exposed concrete facade, in which very few openings are made, but located with surgical precision at the points where they are to be opened. A consciously introverted housing located in a markedly urban environment. Architects in Ibiza value its uniqueness.

Or in the case of the Dune House in Denia. Where the ultimate essence of the project is undoubtedly its environment, and therefore the intervention is based on minimizing the impact on it. Generating gaps that look like paintings that adorn the walls to become true works of art as changeable as the natural landscape can be. Something we find in architects Costa Blanca and Alicante,  Architects Ibiza that integrate nature and architecture in a sustainable and natural way.

Rubén Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura has become a reference at the level of prominent architects in the Costa Blanca and Alicante  such as Ramón Esteve, Fran Silvestre, Gallardo Llopis or Antonio Altarriba, etc… 

Essence in Architecture

This is what Rubén Muedra’s studio takes into account, capable of capturing the essence of the elements that allow him to offer the client a space to be inhabited, to be lived in and enjoyed, adapted to his needs and those of the environment in which it is located, to which he responds in all cases in a respectful but courageous manner.

As soon generates a longitudinal project from displaced parallel walls (Tangent House) that from a massive cubic volume to which just a few emptyings are practiced meticulously (Grace House). The best Architects Alicante, Ibiza and Costa Blanca and even the best Architecture Studios Costa Blanca, Alicante, Valencia or Madrid seek in their architectural identity the interior and exterior design. In the same way the interior design is combined with wood, stone and other natural materials (Cruz House), as spaces are materialized so pure that only seem to have room for white and glass, and even the lighting is hidden, as if for fear of interrupting the immaculate of the whole (Bougainvillea House) of Architects Costa Blanca.

Architecture and architects in Costa Blanca

Alicante is a city with great architectural interest due to the presence of magnificent architects Costa Blanca and Alicante. The great work they have done has put in value the architectural heritage of the city.

As Architects in Alicante we emphasize that Juan Vidal Ramos, was the precursor of emblematic buildings in the city of Alicante. Among the most important are the Casa Lamaignere, Casa Gomis and Casa Carbonell. This last building is located in the emblematic Explanada.

Regarding the Architecture in Costa Blanca and the Alicante. We see distinguished buildings designed by Alicante Architects, such as the Castle of Santa Barbara which is located at the top of Mount Benacantil. Inside the prestigious castle is one of the largest medieval fortresses in Spain. From where we can see perfectly the bay of Alicante and the Costa Blanca.

Other buildings that stand out for their architectural peculiarity are the Alicante City Hall. Baroque building with ornamental elements such as the Solomonic columns of the facade and the two towers. Inside, we can see rooms such as the Blue Room, Elizabethan style, the Plenary Hall and a chapel where you can celebrate mass. Other buildings designed by Alicante and Costa Blanca Architects are the Central Market of Alicante, which has elements of modernist inspiration. Finally, the Principal Theater of Alicante. Inaugurated in 1847, it is the theater par excellence. The facade of neoclassical style. The interior, of Italian typology of the time, is divided into three distinct areas: the lobby, the horseshoe-shaped cavea and the stage. Architects Costa Blanca.

Architects Javea and its architecture

In the coastal town of Jávea we can see the fantastic work developed by Jávea Architects in the creation of a very picturesque and cultural environment. An environment bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, spectacular beaches that integrate the smell of the sea with the majesty of its mountains. The performance of Javea Architects creating fantastic architectural works. We highlight of the Architecture in Jávea all its constructions that give prestige to the city. Starting with its infinite sea views and ending with its integration with the environment. No doubt that Jávea Architects have understood the idiosyncrasy of the place to carry out their projects.

Architects Denia | Architecture on the Costa Blanca

Denia, a city on the Costa Blanca that has among its most outstanding beaches Punta del Raset and Les Marines. Architects Denia and its architecture are important for the city. Coves of rock and large stretches of sand. Denia has a monument to the climate. To the good climate. And, as a landscape, as an added value to the blue of its waters, a natural park, the Montgó. Denia Architects stand out for their ability to synthesize their proposals and integrate them into the environment.

Denia is home to a historic center that is worth a stroll. Architects in Denia and their projects go through this neighborhood visiting Cavallers street. Where we will find the Ethnological Museum, the pedestrian street Loreto, full of terraces of bars, restaurants and stores, the Convent and the Church of Our Lady of Loreto. Architects in Denia also stand out for their work in the streets Major and Sant Josep, the Town Hall and the Church of the Assumption in the Plaza de la Constitución. Also Architects Alicante.

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