BOOK PUBLICATION | Inhabiting the Essence 2010-2020

Rubén Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura in collaboration with the prestigious publishing firm TC Cuadernos have published the book “Inhabiting the Essence 2010-2020”, where we find a detailed review of the performance and projects of our Firm in its 10-year history.

For our Firm it is a very important milestone that a publishing firm of the magnitude of TC Cuadernos collaborates in the publication of our book, giving the book the elegance, distinction and provocation that characterizes our Firm and our director Rubén Muedra.

The book “Inhabiting the Essence 2010-2020” was born from the illusion, work and perseverance of our Firm as a celebration of its tenth anniversary. Within the work we can enjoy a detailed and detailed review of a very special selection of our projects carried out in these 10 years of life.

The presentation of the book will take place on Thursday 12/19/2019 in a massive event that will take place in the Patio of the Territorial College of Architects of Valencia at 7:00 p.m.