METAVARCH : new virtual partner


Integral solution to all the needs that arise in the Functional Application of Companies in the Metaverse

meta·v·arch was founded in 2021 by Rubén Muedra as an Integral Solution to all the needs and demands required by the functional application of Virtual Reality and the Metaverse in companies. A new paradigm of relationships that will revolutionise all sectors and all jobs.

Our multidisciplinary team of Metaverse specialists has been solving all types of projects that come into our hands for years. Since our foundation, we have guided and accompanied companies in their positioning and access to the Metaverse. We are proactive and innovative, our vision places us on the side of the creators of the Metaverse.

Our work with large multinational brands and our experience acquired in each project has allowed us to carry out the best practices in the market in Virtual Reality and Metaverse, being pioneers in the design and development of new virtual spaces and experiences.

We accompany companies on their way to the functional adoption of new Virtual Reality and Metaverse technologies.

Virtual Reality and the Metaverse, in convergence with all the technologies that surround it, have arrived to transform relationships, influencing all sectors and all jobs. Having a proactive vision towards the future and an entrepreneurial vision positions us on the side of the creators of the Metaverse.

Pushing the limits of technology and creating a brighter future for all. Optimise Human Wellbeing and Sustainable Development through innovation and technological solutions that meet needs and improve quality of life. We strive to create experiences and services that are accessible, intuitive and efficient, and that enable people to connect with the world in an easier and more meaningful way.

Our solvency is a response to the commitment we make to our clients, offering innovative and quality solutions, adapting to the constantly evolving market. at meta-v-arch we foster leadership and teamwork to achieve our goals with integrity and responsibility.