FINSA CONFERENCE | Inspiration, Connection & Creation


Rubén Muedra has participated in the Conference organized by FINSA “Inspiration, Connection & Creation” held at the Espai Rambleta in Valencia. Rubén Muedra has spoken about “The blank paper in Architecture” influencing the creative process, from the conception of the idea to its formalization.

After passing through Madrid and Barcelona in October, the ‘Inspiration, Connection & Creation’ event arrived in Valencia on November 8, with the aim of bringing Finsa closer to the world of the project and, at the same time, making the team known Technical Consulting of the company. On this occasion, around 150 people attended the meeting, which took place in the La Cambra de Espai Rambleta room.

Along with Rubén Muedra, the Architect Quino Bono, the Interior Designers Carmen Baselga and Sara Sánchez (DOUBLE ESE), and the Designers Pablo Juncadella (MUCHO) and Sebas Cangiano (VIRGEN EXTRA) participated in the Conference.

You can consult the complete information about the Conference on the FINSA website. More information soon in the projects section of the web or on our Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest profile.