ECCN CONGRESS | Nearly Zero Energy Buildings


The search for a responsible, creative, free and honest Architecture, in which we believe. And that is causing the transformation of the Architecture and Construction sector.

EECN are the beginning of an architecture that is developed on the basis of ethical pillars.

SUSTAINABILITY: In our projects, we differentiate between the use of clean energy; we are committed to the promotion of the EECN. Versatile buildings, adaptable in the future. Recycled materials (polycarbonate) and local materials (from porcelain flooring to furniture).

HEALTHY SPACES: Indoor-outdoor relationship. Indoor green areas. Indoor air quality. Control of sunlight and natural lighting. Regulation of interior lighting according to circadian cycles.

RESOURCE SAVING: From bioclimatic design, to certified high-performance equipment, loss-free piping.

The architect and designer have the obligation to spread the ethical value of Architecture, we are and we are the base, the origin of construction, and therefore we also have this responsibility.

The design, as a positive meaning, talking about good design, how to process those thousands of inputs to generate an ETHICAL ARCHITECTURE.