The TM Real Estate Group office building is located in an area to be urbanized in the south of the municipality of Torrevieja. It rises next to a road axis and around an urbanized area destined for residential use of lower height.

The office building is oriented looking for maximum visibility of the whole and in turn allowing to have the best views from the inside. Based on the premise that it should be a visible and attractive building for any user, it is located on the west side of the plot where the elevation is higher. The rest of the areas are for paved and landscaped areas.

The building has a transversal, dynamic, transparent organization that preserves and promotes social identity. Therefore, formally, the project proposes a project where architecture participates in the dynamism, turning the spaces into scenarios of social interaction and opportunity for progress.

Starting from a pristine environment that invites to bet on a building that transmits the values of the company. In this case, function and form go together from the conception of the project. Organizing four levels, which are materialized as a succession of volumes that are placed one on top of the other, generating important areas of shade and vegetation. The orientation of each piece responds to the functional needs of each floor either by spatial need on each floor, need to generate shaded areas by the need to generate terraces or outdoor porches.

Each of the horizontal blocks is materialized by means of a double skin of micro-perforated and folded stainless steel arranged vertically that dress the building providing it with an outer skin that will protect it from solar radiation.

The skin allows working with different degrees of openness depending on the orientation. In such a way that this adaptation allows the management and profitability of the sunlight in an efficient way. The skin, in addition to protecting the interiors, allows the view to the outside, which is why the building enclosure is treated with large glass panels that will enhance the visual sensation of the user to the outside.

The building, essentially for administrative use, will respond to the way the company works, responding to human and functional needs. For this reason, it is based on a modular building that resolves a heterogeneous functional program with a high capacity for polyvalence and versatility in the future.

Sustainability, wellness, “Smart Building” and accessibility

TM Grupo Inmobiliario’s new headquarters is conceived as a unique and attractive building that meets the company’s functional and human needs and complies with the most demanding international requirements in terms of sustainability, wellbeing, “Smart Building” and accessibility.

Most of the plot of the new headquarters is destined to open spaces and landscaped areas. In addition, the building has large landscaped roofs and terraces, which facilitate the indoor-outdoor relationship. Even the interior spaces have green areas and vegetation near the workstations.

In terms of sustainability, the building has been designed in accordance with the requirements of LEED Platinum Certification, which is the most demanding category.

LEED is a building sustainability certification system developed by the US Green Building Council. The way it works is based on earning credits for implementing recommended strategies. Each credit is intended to address an improvement in a building’s environmental performance.

The goal of the seal is to “create green, healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving buildings” by improving environmental performance from carbon footprint to indoor environmental quality.

The certification is awarded solely by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) responsible for issuing the LEED system used in the project. LEED is the most popular and recognized green building certification system in the world. LEED performance areas are as follows:

Location and transportation.

Sustainable locations.

Water use efficiency.

Energy and atmosphere.

Materials and resources.

Indoor air quality.

Awareness and education.

Innovation and design.

In addition to sustainability, this project will convert the new headquarters into a WELL Platinum Building, taking into account the well-being and comfort of the people or users of the building.

Currently, and for the coming decades, WELL certification is the best guarantee when it comes to providing healthy work spaces that not only take care of the environment, but also focus on the well-being of people.

In this way, TM Real Estate Group will be one of the pioneering companies to make its headquarters in Torrevieja a Wellness building.

The WELL system is composed of 12 concepts. Within each concept there are a series of credits that include parameterized requirements based on 6 years of medical-scientific research. The concepts included in WELL are:

Air quality.

Access to high quality water.

Healthy food.

Lighting control.

Movement: Promoting active living and encouraging physical activity.

Thermal comfort.

Acoustic comfort.

Use of NON-polluting and sustainable materials.

Mind: Support emotional and cognitive health.

Create an inclusive and integrated community.

In terms of the application of innovative and technological systems, this is an Intelligent Building, i.e. a Smart Building. Taking advantage of and optimizing synergies with LEED and WELL, the Building will have an intelligent technological system, which through a BMS management platform, will allow to automatically manage: Air Quality, Thermal Comfort, Natural and Artificial Lighting Control, Access Control, Water Consumption, Electrical Consumption, Building Maintenance, etc.

The BMS management platform, together with other specific applications, will allow to know and evaluate live the behavior of the building, reducing energy consumption and maximizing the welfare of users.

Finally, in terms of accessibility and functional diversity, Rubén Muedra’s Architecture team is working on the design of the building with ILUNION Accessibility, a company belonging to the ONCE Social Group.

The objective is to help companies achieve their digital transformation, that of their spaces and that of their organization by incorporating 360° Accessibility.

It has been found that designing with accessibility criteria in mind should not be, at all, a limitation for design and creativity. These criteria are conditioning factors added to the many others that exist when planning a project, and their consideration makes the space more accessible, friendlier for everyone.


Arquitectos | Architect

Ubicación | Location
03183 Torrevieja –  P.P La Hoya, Alicante, Spain

Arquitecto a Cargo | Principal Architect
Rubén Muedra

Colaboradores | Collaborators
Inés Fabra, David Alberich, Merlyn González, Santiago Monroy, Emilio Belda, Patricia Sancho, Yaiza Rubio

Arquitecto Técnico | Building Engineer
Javier Muedra Ortiz, Rafael Carrillo

Ingeniería | Engineering
LG Ingenieros

Estructura | Structure
Frinar Ingeniería & Arquitectura

Sostenibilidad | Sustainability

Smart Building 
Johnson Controls

Paisajismo | Landscaping

Diseño Interior | Interior Design
Rubén Muedra

Infografías | Renders
Javier Hinojosa

Construcción | Construction
TM Grupo Inmobiliario

Superficie Construida | Built Area
7538 m2

Superficie Parcela | Plot Surface
5390 m2

Año de Proyecto | Project year

Año de Construcción | Construction year
2023 – 

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