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RUBÉN MUEDRA ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECTURA is an architectural studio located in Spain, directed by Rubén Muedra Ortiz, with a professional career of 13 years. It has a multidisciplinary team made up of the best professionals in Spain, capable of creating unique contemporary architecture projects. For more than 10 years we have been working with international clients, developing exclusive and personalised projects.



Would you like to enjoy a contemporary Architecture Project designed by the prestigious Spanish Architecture Studio?

We help you to get it!

At RUBÉN MUEDRA ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECTURA we apply our own methodology, which allows us to work together with the international client, both in the Project and Construction phases.

We know that the realization of a project, both the design and its execution, takes you to a very special situation that usually only happens once in a lifetime. RUBÉN MUEDRA ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECTURA accompanies you in all the phases of this process, with a personalised, professional and sincere attention.


Our aim is to ensure that the client enjoys both the Project and an exclusive experience throughout the whole process. To achieve this, we have a multidisciplinary team led by Rubén Muedra and made up of architects, engineers, designers and 3D artists, capable of creating unique and exclusive contemporary architecture projects. Our team is able to communicate with the client in English.

Technology allows us to create shared Microsoft and Autodesk work environments which make it easier for us to work with the client by eliminating the distance barrier. This allows us to hold meetings, share project documents and even supervise construction, i.e. interact with the client at every stage throughout the process.

Virtual architecture will allow us to get to know and walk through our project with a hyper-realistic immersive experience. We will be able to walk through the project before it is built.


The Project, from its origin to the end of the construction, goes through a series of phases that we indicate below:


– Idea. This is the most important! What do you need: a project for your house, a multi-family housing development, or an office project? Tell us about it!

– Initial Meeting. This consists of a first meeting in which we go into more detail about the needs that the client requires. We will then explain, in detail, our working method, advise and recommend you on your new project and make an economic proposal of Fees. We will design the service best suited and optimised to your needs.


– Preliminary project. We carry out the Preliminary Project with at least three different alternatives that we will present to the client, in plans and 3D infographics. This will allow us to analyse them and choose, together, the best option that meets all the initial conditions.

– Visit to the plot in the Great Britain. Once the Preliminary Project has been completed and accepted, a visit will be made to the plot in order to gather exhaustive data, to get to know the surroundings first hand and to obtain the Urban Development Regulations that affect it. In this way, we will be able to carry out a fully optimised Project adapted to the external conditioning factors.

– Basic Project. At this point we start the Basic Project with which the application for the Building Permit will begin, which we usually carry out in cooperation with a local Partner or Architect.

– Execution Project. Realisation of the Execution Project that contains all the definition of the project up to the maximum level of detail. In our projects everything is defined and designed in advance. Nothing is subject to improvisation. As an example, the Measurement (document where all the items of the project are described) can have a length of more than 200 pages for a single family house.

– Virtual Architecture Project. Creation and delivery of the Virtual Project in which clients will be able to interact with the project months before its construction. They will be able to enjoy all the spaces, both exterior and interior, with total realism.


– Builders’ tender. We are in charge of managing the competition with the pre-selected builders. We usually choose four of them from the area, either provided by the client’s recommendation or proposed by the Architecture Studio. We analyse their proposals from a qualitative and quantitative point of view and we send our report to the client, who will finally decide who will be awarded the construction contract. At this point we also review and advise the client on the content of the contract with the builder.

– Site Management. We supervise the execution of the works with a mixed work made up of on-site visits and online meetings. We know that all the details of the construction process are very important for the final result of the process to be satisfactory. Depending on the project, we can collaborate with a local Architect or take care of 100% of the Construction Management.

– Equipment and Interior Design. Our team of Designers and Decorators is in charge of the Interior Design and Equipment proposal, which will be applied during the last months of construction. We can take care of the design, supply and assembly of all the equipment, furniture, audiovisuals, kitchenware, etc…


– Post-construction and maintenance. After the end of the work, a Supervision Visit to the GREAT BRIAIN is carried out.  Subsequently, we continue with our advisory and follow-up service for the following months, until the Client reaches 100% satisfaction with their executed project and begins to enjoy it.

– Client Loyalty. One of the things we are most proud of and value most, at this point, is that we maintain the relationship with all our Clients. Many of them, in the future, ask us for help to start new projects for themselves or their loved ones.