Conde Altea Apartment

Trapezoidal space designed as an open-plan space

An apartment in the main area of Valencia, looking out over the corner on Conde Altea Street.  This construction is unique because, although its interior floor plan spans a rectangular area, it takes the shape of a trapezoid from its two porticoes overlooking the corner.   

To fulfill the functional needs of the house, the trapezoidal area overlooking Conde Altea is treated as a singular open-plan space accommodating the day area, comprised of the kitchen, dining area and living room (highlighting the complete integration of the kitchen by concealing its elements).  The night area is located in the interior, with two bedrooms overlooking the building´s courtyard and the master bedroom opening out over the central courtyard by means of a large sliding glass window covering the entire façade.   

With extremely high ceilings, the living room´s molding added to the original plaster is respected to add to its eye-catching luminosity.  The white elements, dominating the interior space in the vertical and horizontal panels as well as in the carpentry and furniture, contrast with the aged oxidized oak floors that cover the entire house.  Finally, the indirect linear lighting, vertical throughout the home and horizontal in the ceilings, prevails over the entire space.   


Arquitectos | Architects

Ubicación | Location
46005, Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Arquitecto a Cargo | Principal Architect
Rubén Muedra

Fotografías | Photographer
Javier Ortega

Colaboradores | Collaborators
Emilio Belda, Ángela Gómez.

Diseño Interior | Interior Design
Rubén Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura

Construcción | Construction
Nideker Houses

Área | Surface
200,00 m2

Año de Proyecto | Project Year

Año de Construcción | Construction Year
2017 (7 meses)

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