Oriol House

https://rubenmuedra.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/ORIOL-HOUSE-video.mp4 Purity of white concrete The house is located in a residential area in the interior of the province of Valencia, next to a high quality natural environment, reinforced by the presence of the Golf Course which borders the plot. In the urbanisation there is a predominance of large plots, but with an elongated proportion, […]


SOLID CONCRETE, SCULPTED CONCRETE A corner house with a powerful structure built on two levels distinguished by their function and materials. By means of exposed concrete formwork with wooden planks on the upper levels and with covered black steel slats on the lower areas.  To create continuity, the outside courtyards are created and defined by […]


HOUSE, DUNE, BEACH AND SEA On a beach of fine white sand next to the Mediterranean Sea and tucked into the coastline dunes, we come upon a house that was built 80 years ago by a Parisian mayor.  This is the preexisting house of rectangular shape with a hip roof and a large enclosed courtyard […]


FORMAL POWER AS A CONTEXTUAL RESPONSE A former seminary and residence for the Legionnaires of Christ with a natural setting of great interest.  A residential area with low population density and where the Mediterranean forest dominates the terrain.  This is our project´s point of departure.   From the very beginning, this has been considered a new […]


POWERFUL CARVED TRAVERTINE PRISM The house is located in a private residential area with low population density and characterized by its large open spaces, gardens, and extensive woodlands. In this setting, we are met by a house from the 1970´s, whose poor construction has left only part of its base structure, and whose peculiar positioning […]


Last Thursday 19/12/2019 in the distinguished Patio of the Territorial College of Architects of Valencia was held the presentation of our book “Inhabiting the Essence 2010-2020” in an elegant and emotional event.

PEP CONFERENCE | Idai Nature and Passivhaus

Rubén Muedra has participated in the Conference organized by the Passivhaus PEP Building Platform, where he presented the Idai Nature Office Project, with Passivhaus Certification. Integrated sustainability and aesthetics is possible.

FINSA CONFERENCE | Inspiration, Connection & Creation

Rubén Muedra has participated in the Conference organized by FINSA “Inspiration, Connection & Creation” held at the Espai Rambleta in Valencia. The event gathered a large audience who enjoyed the presentation.

LIVING AWARDS 2019 | Architecture Residential Category

Rubén Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura has obtained the Finalist Award in the Living Life is for Living Awards in the Residential Architecture Category for its project Casa Spezie. The event took place in Vila-Real.